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So! As of Pinkie's last canon catch-up, she now has access to a canon method of traveling between human and pony worlds. This method actually turns ponies into humans, and humans into ponies. Because MLP has a canon all-human high school AU. Because friendship is MAGIC.

Pinkie would absolutely love to take advantage of this fact and have Twilight bring the Cultural Exchange class to Equestria for one of their classes AS PONIES. Basically, it'd be like the occasions when Fandom has turned people into ponies on the island, only for the duration of the class.

Is this something you all would be interested in doing? It would happen not in next week's class, which is right before Thanksgiving for USians, but the week after, for the class of December 2nd. That gives you two weeks to make a pony icon if you like (there's a nice easy pony creator here). Please let me know if you're interested -- we could have a Portalocity portal open up for those who want to stay the shape they're already in, that's not a problem, but it will change the structure of the class itself if we have a humanoid and pony mix.

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"Wow, HI! You've reached Pinkie, which is hopefully who you were trying to reach because if it's not who you're trying to reach you've REACHED THE WRONG PONY! And then I just don't know what you're going to do other than maybe try again and this time be very careful about who you're contacting. But if you did want to reach Pinkie, you've reached me! Or at least you will if you leave me a nice little message.



MCA #7, Thursday Afternoon
snoop pony
"What about this one?" Pinkie asked, throwing a seventeenth crazy party hat onto her head and flinging the sixteenth onto the leaning tower o' hats in the corner. "I dunno, Gummy, does it say 'sophisticated weirdo human party fun' to you?"

Gummy blinked unevenly at her. Pinkie sighed, tossed the hat aside, and reached for the eighteenth hat.

Then a scroll appeared in a burst of green flames and landed at her hooves. "OMIGOSHOMIGOSHALETTERFROMPRINCESSCELESTIA!" Pinkie cried, loud and excited enough to make the windows vibrate. She danced in place for a few moments before opening the scroll. "Dear Pinkie Pie," she read aloud. "Blah blah blah, friendship, blah blah, elements, blah, changelings OH! The Crystal Empire! Omigosh, Gummy we have to go right now!"

She tossed the entire stack of crazy party hats into a hat box much too small for even one of them, slammed the lid on, and dropped it into her saddlebags.

Gummy blinked at her.

"I knooooooooooow," Pinkie said. "But Fandom will just have to party without me for a little while."

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MCA #7, Early Thursday morning
Holy fuck
Pinkie had not slept well. She had not slept well at all. For one thing, there were all those nightmares about horses drowning, and Princess Luna didn't even show up to give her a pep-talk in the middle! Secondly, she kept coughing. She hoped she wasn't coming down with a cold. And then there was the eerie singing. And when she did a 3 AM photo shoot with Gummy to cheer herself up, none of the pictures came out right! Oh, sure, Gummy looked great, but it didn't matter which Instagram filter she used, Pinkie's face in them always came out warped and weird. It was all since that weird voicemail she'd received after she went to see that funny little movie yesterday. But that call was just a friendly little girl reminding her how many days were in a week, right?

The best way to deal with fear and stress was to make it fun! She was having a little bit of trouble just outright laughing at her fears -- those poor horses! -- so she was working on a song about it. It wasn't very melodic, and it was starting to fill up with hyperbolic terror, but dammit, singing was fun.

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Office hours, Saturday
ponies in hats
"It was superduper nice of you to make that rock cave for the bats to stay in while I have office hours," Pinkie said, smiling across the desk at her sister.

"I'm going to need those rocks back," Maud answered. "Eventually."

"Okidokiloki!" Pinkie grinned. "We should work on our performance for the talent show later!"

Maud blinked. "Yeah. Okay."

And thus, any visitors would find themselves walking in on Pinkie having what looked like some sort of muscular-skeletal attack while a deadpan gray pony talked about rocks.

Just another day in the life of Pinkie Pie the teacher.

The streets of Fandom, late Saturday night
An exhausted pink pony stood on a street corner not far from the docks, relaxing against a lamp post and enjoying the relatively cool night air. It'd been kind of a long day, and she was actually looking forward to spending tomorrow doing something nice, calm, and quiet.

An exhausted pink pony trotted down the street, whistling a soft, relieved tune. It'd been kind of a long day, and she was actually looking forward to spending tomorrow doing something nice, calm, and quiet.

Then she froze in her tracks, blinked twice, and trotted backwards to where the other pink pony was leaning.

"Hang on," said the second pony. "We reversed the spell! What are you doing here?!"

The first pony straightened from her lean and sheepishly shifted back into a blue scaled teenager with red hair. ". . . you never saw me," she said.

The pony that was still a pony tilted her head, then shrugged. "Okidokiloki!" She trotted off, leaving the blue girl to realize that she'd missed the last ferry back to the temporary student residences.


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The library, Saturday evening
drama llama, action pony, apple warning
Bolstered with the possibility of actually doing something constructive, Pinkie burst proudly through the doors of the library, striking a dramatic stance.

She was very good at dramatic stances. Right up until the moment she destroyed it by putting on gag glasses or bursting into giggles.

Journey to the center of the libraryCollapse )

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The plague has begun. Dozens of Pinkie clones are running amock through the streets of Fandom, looking to be entertained. They're moddable. They're irritating.

And if you would like one to thread with, ping here with a link and let me know.

(I will also do my best to honor ooc notes with "Pinkies welcome" or whathaveyou on posts, if you'd rather go that way.)

The library, early Saturday morning
Pinkie Pie had spent a perfectly lovely Friday out on the preserve with several of her teal deer friends (they were such good listeners!), only managing to realize when she heard explosions and saw fireworks high up in the sky that it was a human holiday, and there was a big party going on that she'd missed completely.

This just wouldn't do. It wouldn't do!

Whenever there was a big problem in Ponyville, Twilight Sparkle's library always held clues to the answer. So it was only natural for Pinkie to go looking for a solution to her problem -- how could she have fun with the deer and with the humans at the same time? What if Derek wanted to plan classes then, too? There were so many fun things to do at once! She couldn't handle it! -- in the library.

She was just wondering where the heck she was supposed to start looking -- Twilight usually handled those sorts of details -- when the interesting looking locked doors to Special Collections blew open with a mysterious sigh of wind. Pinkie's ears perked up, and she went trotting on through. Deus ex machina was a perfectly legitimate force in her universe. She was not about to turn down an invitation like that. She wasn't even especially concerned about the doors closing again behind her.

The library was quiet again for several minutes. Then the doors to Special Collections burst open once more and out came Pinkie, bouncing excitedly. And Pinkie, bouncing excitedly. And Pinkie. And Pinkie. And several dozen more of Pinkie. All bouncing. All excited. All determined to go out into Fandom and find all the fun they could.

They were trailed by one final Pinkie, moving at a much slower pace, her eyes wide and faintly worried. "Girls!" she called. "Other mes! Wait up!"

This . . . had maybe been a mistake. Ah well. At least they'd all have fun?

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Outside 75 Godiva Street, Monday morning
Pinkie loved her some Monday mornings, especially bright sunny ones, when lots of townspeople would be out and about to say hello to. This morning, she was wearing her very finest designer saddle bags (a gift from Rarity last Hearth's Warming Eve) as she trotted down Godiva Street to do some morning shopping. She knew most folks she passed by name at least and greeted them with a bright smile and a wave.

All was right in Pinkie Land. It almost always was.

In which the talking pink pony meets the grumpy hitter and proves to be just as real as people have told him she is.Collapse )

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